One night my husband and I were with some friends, and someone asked me what I like to do for fun. Before I could voice my usual list of “hiking, rock climbing, going to the gym, etc.”, my husband chimed in and said, “She likes dieting!”

What…? Dieting? A hobby?

I had to think about that for a moment, but I realized he was right! (He’s always right, I married a dang smart guy.) Let me explain. Any “diet” (or “eating style”, if you will. I feel like the word diet seems to get a negative connotation tied to it more and more these days. So call it what you will, but you know what I mean.) that you’ve heard of, be it KETO, MACRO-COUNTING, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, LOW-CARB, WHOLE30- I’ve tried them all. Why, you ask? Well I’m not exactly sure. I have always found an interest in food, and when I hear someone talk about how they “eat only low-carb meals” or “don’t eat meat” it piques my interest. Maybe I just have one of those “all my friends are doing it so I obviously have to do it too” mentalities. But the first time I remember switching up my diet was in middle school. *I’m going to make a plug here and say that no, I do not struggle with an eating disorder of any kind. The human body is literally a MIRACLE. Since I work in the healthcare field I have seen time and time again the effects of people not treating their bodies with care. I have also seen the heartache that comes with poor body image and being your own worst bully. My heart goes out to those that do struggle with these types of mental and physical conditions.* Anyways. I tried to be a vegetarian for about 2 weeks. The reason I say “tried” is because my mom thought it was a pretty absurd idea at the time and before I knew it I was back to eating my chicken nuggets and ham sandwiches. I came back around to eating a vegetarian diet later, though, and it was more successful. The next time I changed up my eating was in college. One of my dear friends did the Whole30, and while she did it she’d give me updates on how she was feeling and what meals she was coming up with. Of course it intrigued me, so when she invited me to join her I couldn’t refuse! Since then I have done all of the above listed diets at least once.
I’m sure some people read this and think, “What is with her? Why does she try so many fad diets? Can she not commit to one? Come oooonnn, sista!” While part of that may be true, I just have to say that my “normal” eating style is pretty low-key and actually quite healthy.  I focus on getting a good amount of veggies and protein in my diet, but I never turn down a bowl of ice cream now and then. I am a firm believer in moderation in all things and listening to your body. So why not give these more “extreme” diets a try and see how they fit? I don’t do it to lose weight, although I will say that with a few of them I did notice a difference in my figure. Macro-counting, for instance, is a game changer. I love it. I experiment with different foods because it is a way to connect with others, as well as learn new ways of living. FOOD IS LIFE PEOPLE, so why not try it all?
I’ve said this before- I cannot claim to be a professional culinary artist nor have I ever taken any classes on cooking or baking. However, if there is one thing that I know I love it’s FOOD. And I love people who love food.  Just like Julia Childs once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Most of the foods on this blog will be a variety of every-day meals, but some will be specific to those “extremes” that I’ve mentioned above. Check them out, try them out, and let me know what you think! And if you have any questions or thoughts or ideas about any specific diet, I can tell you what I did and how I felt about it in the end; I’m an open book!